Anatomy of a Real Time Building Energy model

When the “Oil Embargo” of 1973 occurred, I was a member of a small group of computer simulation engineers at Texas Instruments Inc. (T.I.) designing and evaluating military systems via computer simulations. The modeled systems included the Shrike missile, laser guided systems, and anti-tank missiles. The oil embargo occurred the fourth quarter of 1973 and in 1974 (T.I.) gave me the task of modeling the energy consumption of (T.I.) buildings and processes for the purpose of defining what could be done to reduce energy consumption. I used building energy computer programs available at the time that were based on simulating the yearly energy use of a building based on utility bills. I became convinced that a 24-hour real-time model was needed3. On retiring I decided to see if I could develop a model based on basic thermodynamic equations1,2 and perhaps develop a real time model7,8,9. This effort has resulted in the System Energy Equilibrium (SEE) Model summarized by this paper.

Best regards to all,

Kirby Nelson P.E. Life Member ASHRAE

Download the above to review a document that will be added to over the next months.

About kirbynelsonpe

Kirby Nelson has been involved in building energy conservation for many years. He has developed a real time building energy model & is working on building energy design manuals for varies Cities.
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